Sales Prospecting

The first and most important part of sales

Prospecting is finding and reaching out to new potential customers wherever they are. It is the key aspect of a business organisation which decides whether the company is heading towards growth or bankruptcy.

SkyValue sales prospecting workshop is a technology based program designed to help businesses to develop the right prospecting strategy suitable for the business so that they can plan and execute a healthy prospect pipe line and manage it effectively.

One Day Sales Prospecting Workshop

In today's highly competitive global business environment, time is critical, and your sales team will need to be on top of their game to keep your company ahead. More and more managers are turning towards improving the productivity of their sales team rather adding new ones.

How does it help?

Participants will learn latest prospecting strategies and techniques, how to connect, convince and add value. Also on how to use our advanced tools and approach to guarantee success with clients. This results in increased productivity as well as more job satisfaction.

Key Content

The key focus in this one day program are:

  • Prospecting - Prospecting Strategies
  • Prospecting Plan
  • Prospecting Sources and Methods
  • Handling Reluctance
  • Prospecting Pipeline Management
  • Personal Branding