Escape from the Commoditization Zone

Commoditization is the process (in business) by which the economic value of goods or services depreciates /diminishes over a period of time and it becomes indistinguishable in terms of attributes /uniqueness or and end up as simple commodities in the eyes of the market or consumers

De-commoditization is a program / process by which the customer perceived value of a product or service is augmented by implementing various strategies and action plans to distinguish and differentiate the product in the market or consumers

What can become a commodity?
  • Any product or service
What are the dangers of commoditization?
  • Declining prices
  • Narrow profit margins
  • Dropping customer perceived value
  • Low ROI and unable to re-invest in business
The Good news…
  • It is possible to de-commoditize and escape from the commoditization zone through awareness and proper strategies implemented proactively

Escape from Commoditization

SkyValue 2 day Workshop for Mid to Sr. Management
Key Objectives
  • To understand commoditization and its effects in your business
  • Discuss case studies from similar industry and understand various strategies adopted by companies to escape from commoditization zone
  • Develop strategies to Escape from the commoditization zone / prevent commoditization of your company’s product / services