Marketing Process Outsourcing

  • Emerging market especially in the IMEA region is coming across a start-up boom. Most of these emerging start-ups do not need a full-fledged marketing department all the time. SkyValue gives these companies opportunities to access world class marketing services in all aspects of marketing with the ability to choose the services of their choice.
  • Acquiring world class talent with domain knowledge for senior positons such as VP, GM etc. is not only expensive but also bit risky, too especially for Mid to small companies
  • SkyValue talent panel has expertise and proven success in market research, market sizing, analysis, strategy development, business planning, sales planning, recruitment, Sales management, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, internal communications, training and coaching, Web marketing, media buying, placement and even printing.

Your Advantages - MPO Outsourcing

  • Focus on Core Competencies – Outsourcing helps to free up companies resources and helps to focus on what they are best at or should be best at to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Reduction in overhead cost – By outsourcing marketing function, businesses can avoid or reduce the cost in many areas. Some examples are additional office space, computers, vendor relationships, Insurance, emigration issues housing, transportation
  • Talent pool expansion - In-house marketing staff may not always have the skills needed, especially on larger, more complex projects requiring extensive coordination among various components of the plan.
  • Innovation the core principle of SkyValue - Outsourcing to SkyValue team and we can integrate smoothly into the organization not only brings in innovative ideas and added energy, but also the high-level talent needed to execute the goals of the marketing campaign.
  • Outside perspective – SkyValue can bring a different perspective to the business as we are bringing a helicopter view to the business and this can be of tremendous advantage
  • Efficiency improvement - Marketing outsourcing delivers real value, bringing unprecedented efficiency and functionality to the often daunting task of marketing a company’s products, services and points of differentiation to what is increasingly a demanding, difficult-to-reach audience.